Need advice setting-up my non-profit as a charity. We've decided to register as a company limited by garauntee and then apply for charitable status.

The members of the organisation is very multi-cultural/International, with 3 directors - one from France and two from Ireland. It is a real challenge (impossibility) for us to all meet in person to sign the Memorandum and Articles of Assocition. My questions are i) how many subscriber/director signatures are needed? ii) Do they all have to be witnessed, and witnessed by the same person?


Thank you!


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Thanks for your question.

Thanks for your question. However, you're into legal territory there with your very specific questions and so you'd need to seek appropriate guidance with somebody with the right expertise we would suggest.

However, your first port of call could possibly be the charity section of the Revenue Commissioners, as they may be able to offer some additional insight. Also, when it comes to the specifics of setting up your company, you may wish to speak to the people at the CRO.

Best of luck!