My daughter is looking for a Transition Year community placement opportunity (1 or  2 weeks) in February. If any organisation in the Dublin area is interested in taking a student I would really appreciate if you could leave a response.  Also, it might be very helpful for both students and organisations if The Wheel, through this website, could facilitate a list of charities who would be interested in taking transition year students.  They could be a very useful resource for a few weeks.


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Thanks for your query.There

Thanks for your query.

There are three websites that you could check:

-Volunteer Centres Ireland:

-Volunteering Ireland:

-Scoilnet, the portal for irish education:




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Thanks Eva.  That was very

Thanks Eva.  That was very helpful.  I checked all the websites.  The website was particularly useful but it looks like most of the vacancies are for people who can commit to a number of hours per week rather than the 1-2 week period which transition year students have available. It might be a good project for a student to work wth organisations to compile such a list!