Looking for funding to support my American football team. By engaging in this support for the team, not only can the team give back to the community. There is a host of potentials that the Bulldogs organization can bring to the community of Meath & beyond.

Q Where can I find direct funding for a sports club in Co. Meath or Ireland.

All positive views & suggestions are welcomed.


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Thanks for your question.

Thanks for your question. Please look further into the following grants:

First of all, contact your local Council. The Knockharley grants run by Meath County Council have yet to be announced it seems for 2011, but this is certainly worth calling them about:

Also, contact your local Sports Partnership for further local funding guidance:

The Ireland Funds grant round is currently open - frankly I don't think your specific area of activity would be likely to receive funding from this programme, but it might be worth looking at / reading further here, just in case:

The thing at present is that a lot of funding grants are currently closed. However, you really should note them down for future reference (and check them periodically for the next opening date, such as the following:

Also, please be aware that many chain stores / shops / businesses have local support programmes in place. This could mean that donations may be available (typically small or in the form of product donations) or that they may get involved by other means (such as permitting a bag packing fundraiser in a local supermarket, for example). Local stores you can approach include, but are not limited to, Tesco, Dunnes Stores and McDonalds. 

You can find an almost limitless supply of Irish corporate social responsibility contacts here:

If you wish to contact these people directly for support, you may benefit from reading the following guidance article:

As these are extremely tough times for charities, a lot of grant-makers are focusing whatever resources they have on front-line services. You may therefore experience difficulty in securing funding for your team. For these reasons you may want to consider running your own fundraising events. This is an excellent way to build ties with the local community and also to raise much needed funds. You can find out about how to stage events successfully on the following section of our website:

Best of luck!

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Hello, My name is Nicola and


My name is Nicola and I am Head of Global Charity Relations for Dublin's Laughter Lounge Comedy Club.

We organise charity nights at the venue and have worked with huge charties like Niall Mellon, Concern etc... We have a great history of helping charities and fundraisers raise a fantastic amount of money!

Its really easy and stress free! 
If you would be interested in hearing more check out our website or contact me directly: or 01 878 3003!

Best of Luck!