I've got a new question for you! I need to create a sponsorship form for the fundraiser we're working on. Can you please tell me what I should include on the form (i.e. how official it is required to be!)?





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Well, good practice and

Well, good practice and transparency would suggest you include the following:

  • Name of organisation, address, company & CHY numbers.
  • Full office contact details.
  • A couple of sentences about the organisation.
  • A couple of sentences about the use to which the funds will be put.

You might also wish to familiarise yourself with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising

These principles would constitute lots of good practice.  It's all about encouraging confidence in donors and transparency and accountability in fundraisers (in my opinion).


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That sounds sensible to me.

That sounds sensible to me. And yeah, I'm somewhat familiar with the fundraising statement document - I guess I'll have another look when I get a chance.

Thanks though for your quick answer on this question - definitely helped me out of a tight spot!