I'm trying to get info to organise a charity run.  However, I can't seem to find any info regarding the laws and process for organising charity runs.  Would you happen to know who I should contact about this?  Should we request permission first from the Gardai?Thanks,Laura


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The prerequisites for a

The prerequisites for a fundraising race depends on how the it is run and how any money is collected.  If there's bucket collectors on the street beside the runners, then it falls under the bucket collecting rules, so garda permit is required. This is covered by the STREET AND HOUSE TO HOUSE COLLECTIONS ACT, 1962

If there's an entry fee and prize money then it falls under the gaming and lotteries act.  So a licence/permit is needed.  In this case it would be governed by the 1956 lotteries act (and subsequent amendments).

There are no rules re sponsorship cards etc, only best practice, which is to obtain permits where permits are required, or permission from the relevant authority where permits/licences are not required.

In addition to the above, one would be advised contact the local Gardai - especially if people are going to be running on public roads.