I'm looking for information about winding down/ handing over/ merging of programmes (or elements of programmes).

Is anyone aware of any case studies of programmes/ organisations that have successfully navigated this process? Or any guidelines out there about how to go about this process?

I work in the area of children & families, but any examples or guidelines would be welcome.



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The Collaborate to Innovate

The Collaborate to Innovate guide - which you would have received a free copy of in August, if you are a member of The Wheel - covers these very subjects, and will provide you with the case studies and information you seek. If you are not a member of The Wheel, you can still purchase a copy of the guide here. You may also be interested in learning about our forthcoming Collaborative Working - Discover the Potential for Your Non-profit workshop (next Tuesday in Dublin), which will also be covering some of the same ground.