I'm looking for guidance in getting information and possibly some examples of shared services, particularly back office functions such as human resources, IT, payroll etc for NGO's.

Anything you can offer in this area would be much appreciated!



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Thanks for your question.

Thanks for your question. We've received similar inquiries before and I am happy to be able to point you towards the following answer:

The term “Shared Services” can basically mean ‘outsourcing’ to a lot of people. Some organisations - such as the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups - claim to work on a Shared Services model (pooling resources and office equipment, meetings rooms etc). They can be found at

I know that this centre does payroll for charities on an out-sourced model, for example.

Others discuss it specifically in the context of outsourcing service needs and this study done in the UK might help throw some light on what it is that you need in your particular case:

I know that this might sound a bit odd, but the IDA might be able to advise you further as per the following link:

The organization Peninsula HR ( ) is one that many organizations outsource their HR to. Also providing the same service to its member is IBEC ( – The Wheel is a member of IBEC, for example.

This organisation does finance services for charities (and also have a Dublin branch):

Another way to interpret ‘shared services’ is in the IT field in which case an organization would have shared file server and/or shared contact databases that are run remotely. The organization ENCLUDE has a lot of experience in setting up shared service IT solutions for charities and voluntary groups. (

I hope that helps.

Paul Meade

Information Officer, The Wheel

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Carmichael Centre is the

Carmichael Centre is the first and largest shared services centre for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. We provide office space, meeting rooms, conference facilities, catering, payroll service, back office support, a training and development programme, customised training and consultancy.

For further info or if you want to visit the Centre to view our facilities, please contact Neil Dwane: