If a person is put on a sub-committee in an ex-officio position, can they become the chairperson of that committee?  For example new officers of the board are elected and they go onto the management committee, some of the old members remain in an ex-officio position to complete work and are given a time frame of 6-12 months. Can the ex-officio members hold any position of the management committee?

There is nothing about this in our Memo and Arts or the Terms of Ref for the management committee.Thanks,Maura


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If there’s nothing in the

If there’s nothing in the memo and arts, there’s nothing strictly prohibiting it.

So now we’re in to the area of best practice:

This then raises the question of whether there are written terms of reference for this management committee? If there are not, then they need to get some immediately, and address the question by making a decision as to whether to allow ex-officio members to hold Officer roles within the Committee. If there are terms of reference for the management committee, they will either cover this, or not, as the case may be. I assume that it is the latter, in which case the Board needs to just makes a decision as to whether it wants to allow this to happen or not. It’s not “right” or “wrong”, it just needs to be clear, and to be written down in the terms of reference for the management committee.

A further complication is the consideration of the relationship between the management committee and the Board.  Does the management committee have to be made up of only Board members?

In principle, it is good to have a turnover of people on a management committee, but having an ex-board member hold the role of Chair of the management committee prevents newer board members form taking on a leadership role. On the other hand, it allows new board members to get a feel for the management committee and how it works before coming into leadership roles.