I would like to open a charity shop of my 

Own what do I do to get it going please

Advice me thanking you

               Gabriel   Monaghan


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Hi Gabriel,Thank you for your

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your question.

I would advise you to talk directly to the Irish Charity Shops Association (ICSA), as they would be best placed to advise you on the way forward.

Their website has a lot of useful practical information too, such as How Charity Shops Work, Setting Up a Charity Shop and a Code of Charity Retailing

Questions you will obviously need to ask yourself and consider include: what charity are you acting / collecting for?; do you have their permission and are formally associated with them?, is that charity registered with the Charities Regulator?; how do you propose to fund the initial set up costs and premises rental etc.?

Again, I would definitely speak to the ICSA directly after first ensuring that you have consumed all relevant information on their website.

Their contact form is here:

I hope that helps.

Paul Meade
Information Coordinator, The Wheel

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Hi Paul           Many thanks

Hi Paul 

         Many thanks for you're help

       I'll do that Paul

                   Gabriel. Monaghan


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