I would like to get funds for Crumlin Children's hospital to provide medical equipment but also things that will make childrens life in the hospital a bit brighter. Where could I search for help?


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Hi Marta,The first thing to

Hi Marta,

The first thing to consider is: in what capacity are you seeking these funds? Are you working for Crumlin Children's Hospital? I would presume that the hospital has a full-time fundraising staff and, if you work for them, you will be engaged in all manner of funding applications. If, as a member of the Crumlins fundraising team, you are seeking additional funding opportunities, please email me ( and I will be happy to set you up with a half-day of free access on our Fundingpoint database of funding grants, which contains almost 800 funding grants - many of which should be of interest to your work.

If you do not work for Crumlins however, then are you set up as a charity? Is the purpose of your charity to procure grants / funding / income on behalf of Crumlins? If so, again, email me for a free half-day of access to Fundingpoint.

If you are not in either of the above positions, then obtaining grants for Crumlins may not be so easy. Grants are primarily given to established charities fundraising for a specific cause (rather than to concerned individuals fundraising for good causes). If the latter is the case, then I would strongly recommend you consider fundraising through the process of running fundraising events - the proceeds from which you would then donate to Crumlins yourself. 

You can get lots of helpful information on running successful fundraising events via this section of our website, including the staging of the events, organisation and associated marketing etc.

Hopefully that will give you some direction in which to point. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Meade

Information Officer, The Wheel