I would appreciate suggestion on insurance provider. We organising free cultural and community events and workshops mostly in Dublin area and we need to review our insurance for these events. The last note I find on this topic is from 2013. Would BHP still in partnership with wheel? Thank you for your help. kind regards, Norbert


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Thanks for your question

Thanks for your question Norbert. 

Yes, I can confirm that you are still able to avail of BHP insurance offerings at present. 

In particular, BHP offer professional service to clients: as well as securing the best covers in terms of price and security. They offer a comprehensive risk and claims management service in conjunction with dedicated specialists, who BHP has developed close partnerships.

For more information, please Anthony McRedmond and Nick Ryan Ph: (01) 620 2030 | W:
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Many thanks for the prompt

Many thanks for the prompt reply Paul. We'll contact Anthony or Nick in the following weeks. Appritiate you help. Kind regards, Norbert