I need help please with what needs to be written on the Revenue form  showing the sample constitution under Item 2 where it says "by" . What information is supposed to go there?

Many thanks


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Hi Celia,I recommend you

Hi Celia,

I recommend you contact the Revenue for any specific advice pertaining to their form requirements (there is no substitute for the horse's mouth!)

You can find contact details for the Charities section of the Revenue here (scroll to bottom of page):


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Thanks Paul. I'm referring to

Thanks Paul.

I'm referring to the Revenue's sample constitution

It's the specifics of what needs to go in at Item 2 after Main Object .

I'm OK on the main object for which the body is established but hazy about what to put when it says  "by" as the second part of that segment. Especially as the Revenue guidance on item 4  on Powers says to put fund raising in there.

So what does the "by" refer to?

Thanks again


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Hi Celia,That refers to the

Hi Celia,

That refers to the methods by which you will achieve the object. For example, if I were to say something like the following for The Wheel, 'The main object for which the body is established is to support the Irish community and voluntary sector by providing training and information supports, as well as advocating on behalf of the sector'.

You can see a useful example of a completed constitution below for guidance, which should help you to understand the context and terms deployed in the document:

I hope that helps!