I have recently set up a not for profit organisation that works with offenders and ex-offenders


Does anyone know the best way of making this service known to the people we are trying to help and to their families? 


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Well the first thing ti try

Well the first thing ti try to figure out is "where does your target audience hang out?". For example, there's no point in, say, setting up a Facebook page for your organisation if none of your potential service users are on Facebook.

(Having said that, a third of the country are on Facebook , so it may be worth looking into.)

I think I would try to get in contact with the Gardai and prison service and ask them to help spread the word. Presumably they deal directly with the same target group.

If your group deals with young offenders, you could try a similar tactic with youth clubs and youth services, say, in disadvantaged areas.

Hopefully that might get you started.



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Thanks ever so much for the

Thanks ever so much for the advice Anthony.  That's got me full of ideas.  Just not knowing where to start is the issue.