I am setting up a limited company as part of a charity application and was wondering is it normal to purchase off the shelf memorandum and articles of association or would it be better to create my own.



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If you are intending

If you are intending establishing a charitable company you are well advised to use the model Memorandum and Articles of Association supplied by the Revenue Commissioners (as it is they who will make the decision as to whether the organisation is or is not a charity): if you use an off -the-shelf memo and arts you will have to amend them and then hold an AGM to make the necessary amendments.  The Revenue's model memo and arts are available on The Wheel's website in the section You and Your Organisation.

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Whilst a lot of the

Whilst a lot of the information in a memo and arts is pretty standard, I would strongly urge you to check that it is tailored to the specific needs of your new organisation.  Whilst it is possible to make changes to your memo and arts as time goes on, it is infinitely preferable to get it as right as you possibly can now.  Do use the standard template produced by the Revenue Commissioners as a starting point.   Good luck.