I am representing one of the registered charities in ireland. We would like to orginised charity event in Limerick in January and part of the event would be an auction of few small things. All income from the auction of course goes into charity purpose.

My question is do we need permission for the auction?


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Anna Szyling


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As far as I know you only

As far as I know you only need a permit for bucket collecting on the street and raffles/lotteries where people pay to play.  You don't seem to need a licence to hold an auction.  Certainly, people hold charitable auctions all the time without licences, not to mention ebay...

Also, the only auction-related legislation I could find related to the sale of real estate, so I think your auction is in the clear.

If you are in doubt, however, a quick call to your friendly neighbourhood lawyer (or the local Gardai) should clarify it.