I am looking into registering a charity in Ireland. It is currently registered in the USA and Spain, so there is already a framework. How easy would it be to register an already international charity? Would there need to be a seperate board of trustees/governers in Ireland too?






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Hi Robert,Thanks for your

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question.

If you are already legally established as a charity in another jurisdiction outside the European Economic Area, then you will have to register with the Revenue Commissioners, provide your charity number details (from their home jurisdiction) and likely provide the type of information that the Revenue Commissioners require of any charity operating in Ireland.  
You may then have to establish an Irish branch with a majority of Irish Trustees, depending on what the Revenue Commissioners decide. The best thing to do is contact the Revenue Commissioners Charity Section directly as this is a very grey area.
Click here to download a short extract from the Charities Act 2009 that may be relevant in the future, although does not apply (as full implementation of the Act is still pending). You can contact me directly if you would like to discuss this further. 
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