I am interested to hear about organisations experience of National Lottery applications.

Are people satisfied with the process?

Have people seen a change in responses across the country?

Is the process transparent?

Are people aware of a clear criteria and priorities in local areas and how their application is scored?

Should The Wheel consider hosting an event on this to share experiences and learning?

Any other comments?


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The Government uses the

The Government uses the proceeds of the national lottery to fund initiatives and programmes it implements through line departments (health, education etc). Finding out what lottery funds have been used for is therefore not straightforward. The system here is different from the UK where the funds are distributed to "good causes" by an independent third party. There appears to be no desire or intention on the part of Government to change the way it manages lottery funds, and many people have called over the years for the system to be more transparent and independently governed, with the funds clearly being used to fund "additional" services, rather then part fund mainstream public services. If you would like to explore this issue further please contact, and Ivan can give you a call.