I am interested in doing the following courses however I cannot find any information on them on the website.

- Introduction to Addiction
- Addiction and Homeless
- Addiction and Cocaine
- Addiction and Community

I would appreciate if you could forward me some information on the above at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Beverley Metcalfe


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Hi Beverley,Thanks for your

Hi Beverley,

Thanks for your question. 

You can find various courses/resources that may be of use to you on the following pages of (They may not all be strictly "Introduction" courses, but may still be of potential interest).

Addiction, (including cocaine/community) - The following selection of courses includes structured education programmes as well as on-request courses covering addiction etc.:[value][date]=

In addition to the resources above, I would recommend you view the following document, which is a directory of courses and training programmes on drug misuse in Ireland (2010):

Homelessness - The following organisations - both of which also run training courses - may be able to assist you further. I would suggest contacting them directly for further information: