I am doing some research for a non profit organisation who are thinking of expanding their methods of funding. Currently, the organisation gets mostly cash donations, generates through direct mail and a raffle.

I am thinking of trying an direct debit donation next year. However, I am unsure of figures of cash vs. direct debit funding, and which is more effective in generating funds.

Can you please advice?




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Hi Ted, You ask an

Hi Ted,

You ask an interesting question here - one that is cropping up with increasing frequency. Although we do not have any specific research conducted yet into the issue of direct debits, I can point you towards some hopefully useful resources (note: these links are not to Irish organisations, but they should still lend you some perspective on this issue):

A few basic reasons of the attractiveness of Direct Debits:

An extremely useful slideshow / report on the Direct Debits for charities (UK):

Cash V's Direct Debit

The perils of relying too much on Direct Debits (as cancelling them is easy and very final):

I hope that helps!


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Some good links there. Just

Some good links there. Just wanted to add this more recent link from Third Sector implying that Direct Debits were recovering: