I'm making an enquiry in relation to my organisation and its obligation to provide Protection for Enrolled Learners for our Higher Level education courses. 

Have you any other educational providers that have the same obligation and are there any arrangements made with for examply insurance providers that are offering a deal in relation to same ?

Hope my question makes sense ?

087 2723271 - Niall, Director, Newpark Music Centre


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Hi Niall,This is obviously a

Hi Niall,

This is obviously a very sector-specific query here, so I am afraid The Wheel wouldn't be able to advise you specifically. It may be useful to contact your funders, to seek further guidance on specific obligations you face.

Obviously insurance is always recommended, where relevant. In that regard, The Wheel's partners, BHP Insurances Ltd, should be able to provide you with firm advice and a suitable produce, if required. (Don't forget to inform them of your membership of The Wheel, as this may entitle you to additional discounts).