I am looking for advice on how to set up/register a non-profit voluntary organisation for Scientists working in the public sector. 

Would anyone know how, or who, I can go about this or what specific organisation/group to contact, please?

Thank you!


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Thanks for your query on

Thanks for your query on this. While we can't give you the specifics you may be seeking regarding the scientific angle of your question, the same charity regulatory and taxation rules will naturally apply to all nonprofits.

We therefore strongly advise that you dive into the detail of our Forming Your Charity section here:

This info will give you a good grounding in what is required in order to get your nonprofit off the ground.

Also of particular importance too is the information contained in our Charity Regulation section:

If, after going through this info, you have any follow up questions you would like to drill down further on, we invite you to get in touch with us directly for further support and guidance. You can do so via our helpdesk directory here, or by calling us on  (01) 454 8727 and asking to speak to Mairead.

Good luck!