Hi, we have a flag day organised for 08/07/2012 in Galway for the Jes Rowing Club. Can anyone tell me the rules regarding collection buckets and collectors and where to get buckets etc?

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Hi Sarah,The rules for street

Hi Sarah,

The rules for street fundraising permissions are that, if you are collecting in a public place (e.g. high street), then you need a Garda permit. This is easy enough to secure, but it is recommended that you apply for the permit no less than 14 days in advance of the event, so I would suggest immediate action on that front. If however you are collecting on private property (e.g. directly outside a supermarket), then you only need the permission of the owner in that case.

When it comes to the important issue of best practice in your fundraising activities, The Wheel strongly endorses the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. For example, you can get specific information on how to handle cash donations, obtain Garda permits etc, here:

Finally, when it comes to obtaining the actual buckets themselves, I would simply suggest you visit your local independent DIY store (or a chain like Woodies), to get the best value buckets you can get, thereby ensuring you keep your costs down. Other supplies, such as stickers or literature explaining your fundraising efforts, can be sorted out by printing your own, or at a local printers.

Best of luck!

Paul Meade
Information Officer, The Wheel

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Hi Sarah,Further to my reply

Hi Sarah,

Further to my reply above, Carmel Troy, who is involved with the The Chernobyl Children's Charity, has also passed on some further helpful advice:

1. That charity requires two people to count donations, complete a sheet with break down of notes and coins (which then must correspond with the amount lodged into the official bank account).

2. Carmel has also supplied an alternative source for 'tamper-evident' fundraising boxes/buckets here: