Hi, we are a registered charity in Ireland and we regularly produce our year end accounts. The question is do we need to make a return of our year end accounts to the registrar of charities just like we make returns to the company registrars office?


i look forward to your response.



kemi awogboro.


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Hello Kemi   There is at

Hello Kemi


There is at present no Charities Regulator, so the short answer is 'no'.  If and when this changes, I am sure The Wheel and others will be vocal in making charities  aware of any changes in their reporting requirements. You are clearly interested in good governance. Have you had a look at this yet:  Wishing you every success.



Sandra Velthuis

Whitebarn Consulting

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Hi Kemi,Sandra is right,

Hi Kemi,

Sandra is right, there is currently no Charity Regulator in ireland.

The Charities Act 2009 does provide for the establisment of a Regulator, but that part of the Act has not been commenced.

This article provides further bacground:

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Gert Ackermann
The Wheel