Hi there,

where is the best place to look for registered charities in Ireland especially those who regualury recruit volunteers?

Emma Kavanagh 

Campus Engage 


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Hi Emma,I would heartily

Hi Emma,

I would heartily recommend Volunteer Ireland as your go-to resource for recruting the right sort of volunteers for your intiative.

Not only do they post volunteering opportunities on their website, but they also have a number of useful downloadable guides on the following page that detail best practice when it comes to recruiting volunteers:

Good luck!


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Hi Paul, thanks for posting

Hi Paul,

thanks for posting this- I actually work for a volunteer recruitment platform for university students and we are looking to get them involved in local and national volunteering. Just looking online to see where the best place is to get a comprhensive list of charities who we reach out to, to connect them to students.



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Hi Emma,If you're looking for

Hi Emma,

If you're looking for a comprehensive list of charities, is definitely a great place to get started.