Hi my name is john i live in dublin just wondering dose any1 no any charatys that sell scratch cards door to door or on street hope some1 can help thanks


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Hi John, The Association of

Hi John,
The Association of Charity Lotteries in Ireland (ACLI) was established as a forum for Irish charitable organisations, which depend on lotteries as a means of fundraising, to discuss areas of common interest and to represent its members to Government and Government Committees, advisory groups to Government, the media and the general public.
The following charities are members of the Association:
  • Associated Charities Trust
  • Asthma Society of Ireland
  • Care Trust
  • Drogheda Community Services
  • Gael Linn
  • Hanly Centre
  • Irish Cancer Society
  • Irish ME Trust
  • Liffey Trust
  • Polio Fellowship of Ireland
  • Rehab Group
  • West of Ireland Alzheimer Foundation
It could be that not all these organsiations are still active in the lotteries area but you could contact them to find out. There is more information available at this link here 
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