Hi has anybody set up a online payment faciltiy recently.  How has the demand been?  Are the costs really high?


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Thanks for your

Thanks for your question. 

There's some pretty handy info below for you to get stuck into. Once you've read through them, the next step will be to get some more quotes / details from the various service providers themselves.

Good luck!

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We set up online payments

We set up online payments with Realex three years ago to handle our event registrations. The transfer from paper/fax/email to Realex was pretty smooth and in no way impacted upon the number of people paying for things. Straight away people started to use it, which was great. It saved us a load in time and effort, therefore money, and the the Realex charges were very reasonable. The vast bulk of our sales/registrations/memberships go through the website and loads of those are paid online. They've since reduced their charges bigtime, so we were delighted. Their customer support is also top notch. We're very happy with them.

This year we added Paypal to the arsenal. They were simple enough to set up because you do not need a merchant bank account, which is often an unforseen stumbling block for Realex. The per transaction fees are higher and they take their cut before you get your money, but it works. You have to transfer the money from your paypal account too. The Paypal customer service can be notoriously frustrating at times, however, people use the service, so we keep it. Make it easy for people to give you money, and people will give you more.

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There are alternatives to

There are alternatives to setting up an on-line payment facility yourself, such as using a website such as our own

There's no up-front costs and no annual fees so it minimises the risk and can give you a good idea of the level of donations you're going to receive before you take the plunge and invest in your own facility.

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Yes i've recently set up an

Yes i've recently set up an online payment facility through sagepay. i did al lot of shopping around and they were by far the cheapest for what i needed. The cost is €25 plus VAT per month up to 1000 transactions and no set up fee. Have a look at mine if you like its