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I am a 4th year hons. student on a Social & Community Enterprise course in LYIT, Co. Donegal.  I have to do a business plan for my award.  I have decided to focus on the development of an outdoor playground - indoors, therefore not soft play.  Can you please advise me what funds to aim for or what grants to access?  I have availed of the free trial here on the wheel so i am not sure if i will get your answers back in time before my time here expires.  I have 9 weeks to get this all completed so i am really desperate for your advice.  my email is if any of you would have the spare time to contact me on this regarding possible grant info and to talk me through this.  Although this is for my exams - i would also like to make this plan a reality and bring it through to the next level.  Any and all help will be more appreciated that you could ever realise!!


Thanks for taking the time to read this and for anyone (please God there will be somebody that answers me) - I thank you in advance,

Treasa Mc Keown


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Hi Theresa,Thanks for your

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for your question. Firstly, not yet being established as a charity / organisation (I am assuming), you'd be unlkely to be able to secure funding, as at present you would basically be applying for any prospective grant as an individual. However, for the purpose of your business plan (and for maybe following through with actual plans), you might want to first of all read through the following sections of our website in full: 

Forming a Charity:

Regulation of Charities:

When it comes to grants, you could incorporate the following into your business plan: 

The Ireland Funds Small Grants

The Small Grant Round offers grants under €10,000 primarily for specific projects, small organisations, pilot initiatives and organisations that have not received substantial funding from The Ireland Funds. The application process is relatively simple and the reporting requirements are proportional to the amount of funding awarded.

Some of the focus of the Small Grants scheme include investing in Ireland's communities and assisting disadvantaged youth. 

Applications open on 2 March and the deadline is 31 March.

International Charity Bazaar Grants

There's not a huge number of guidelines on this one, but you can see the website link below for more, Also, please note:

  • Closing date for receipt of applications is 31 March 2015.
  • Only Irish registered charities may apply.
  • Maximum funding of €20,000 per project.
  • No funding for salaries or bursaries.
  • Projects should be Ireland-based unless part of a response to a natural disaster or emergency.
  • Selected charities will be notified by May 1st 2015.
  • Funds will be distributed in December 2015.

When it comes to the process of making a funding application, please consult the following document in full:

If, after going through all of the above in full, you have any specific follow up questions, you can email me at:

Best of luck,