Im very new to all of this so any help would be much appreciated.

I am an eating disorder therapist and am passionate about the Field of Eating Disorders.  However in Ireland help is limited and in the last few months I have had people ringing for therapy/counselling who cant afford it or afford any treatment.

I would love to set up some sort of organisation to help with this, be it a charity raising money to help with therapy or ultimately I would love to set up a centre in waterford that people can come to whether they can pay or not.

Can anyone give me advice on the right road to take for this type of organisation?  Its done all over America but really feel Ireland needs something more in this field.

Many many thanks in advance!!! :)


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Hi Ann Marie,I think your

Hi Ann Marie,

I think your first port of call would be to have a read through this selection of guidance articles on how to form your charity.

Next, you'll need to think about how you propose to fund your organisation.  Is it entirely voluntary and provided through donations, or does it need to be grant aided?  Does it fund itself through fundraising or earning income?

Have a look thorugh these articles to get ideas for fundraising.

You may also find our Money Counts guide to finances for non-finance people useful.

Hopefully there should be enough there to start you off anyway.

Best of luck,



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Hi Anthony Thankyou so much

Hi Anthony

Thankyou so much for all the above information.  I had been reading how to form your charity but just was abit unsure as to what I would be forming, if that makes sense!!

I already run a private practice for paying clients but really wanted to have a centre where the less well off can still get therapy so I guess maybe I should look into some grant aid? Other than that I was thinking fundraising would be the next step.

Thanks a mill for answering me! Really appreciate the advice

AnnMarie :)

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You could take an approch

You could take an approch whereby your private practice covers the cost of X number of freebie clients as a sort of corporate social responsibility thing and see how that goes.  I think - especially now when grants are becoming harder to come by - small steps would be prudent.

A drop in centre is a good goal to aim for, but one should get the organisation working and sustainable before getting involved in property, in my opinion.

And if you are fundraising, please do make sure to keep accounts for any funds raised/spent - accountabilty and transparency are paramount.


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Hi Ann Marie I'm based in

Hi Ann Marie

I'm based in Waterford city and am about to incorporate a not for profit social enterprise. I'd be happy to meet up to discuss in more detail with you and give you a few pointers. Regards Karen

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Hi Karen Wow that sounds

Hi Karen

Wow that sounds fantastic! Any help would be great! Do you have an email and maybe we can arrange through that??


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Hi Ann Marie it's

Hi Ann Marie it's

Look forward to hearing from you.