Research on managing  or working in a charity 

Hi all, 

I'm conducting research for my Masters degree in Business Management on the management and operations involved in running a charity. Basically all I need to know is what the best and the hardest parts of the job entail... Any feedback would be really appreciated!

Thanks a mill! 

Vicky :) 


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Hi Vicky,Thanks for your

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your question. However, we do encourage you to please be more specific and targeted in your inquiries. If there are any particular follow up questions you would like to ask, please do enter them below. At present though, it's too broad and open-ended a question.




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being creative is helpfull as

being creative is helpfull as coming up with fundraising ideas and staying positive about any out come

Writing endless emails aking for funding and filling out proposals would be hardest for me