Hi All,

I looking for some advise. I would love to set up a charity. I have set up a facebook page twitter and a website. I do not know were to start or if there are costs innvloved to do this.

Could anyone give me advise on this matter




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Hi Steve,Firstly, if you are

Hi Steve,

Firstly, if you are interested in setting up a charity, the first question to ask yourself is: is there an actual need for the service you wish to provide? It could that that the service is already been provided efficiently and well by an existing charity. With an increasing urgency on the need to avoid duplication of effort (due to a lack of funding for existing charities, never mind new ones!), you will of course need to examine this question in depth before advancing. 

If, however, you conclude that no, there is definitely no charity already filling the space you were considering occupying and servicing, then you should start off by reading the through the various section (most particularly Forming Your Charity) here:

Once you read through all of that material and fully grasp it, feel free to come back to us with specific follow up questions...