Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I'm trying to organise a charity concert and I'm looking for advise on this process, I have absolutly no experience in this but I firmly believe that this could be a successful event and may even become an annuall thing if successful enough.

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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A charity concert says two

A charity concert says two things to me: a fundraising event and a music concert.

For the fundraising event side of things we've a handy article written which should prompt you on things to think about.

On the concert side of things, you'll be wanting to think about

  1. venue, including capacity, location, access, facilities, cost, licencing, insurance
  2. acts, including who, how long, whether you are paying them, their riders & needs, the mix of acts & whether they will sell to your target audience
  3. equipment: bands will bring instruments, but you'll need to provide backline, PA, lights (if required), a sound engineer etc.
  4. punters, including who you are aiming this gig at. Who do you want to go? Do they have any money? How many people do you need to make this a success? What does success look like?
  5. legal requirements, e.g. public liability insurance, venue licencing, event licencing
  6. promotion: to who? How are you going to get the word out?

A concert can be an expensive and fiscally risky endeavour. I've yet to meet more than one promoter who makes money on gigs, so whilst I am certainly not saying not to do it, I'd proceed with caution and sound out the details before commiting.


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