Hello, I'm looking for advice on Salesforce foundation please. Has anybody successfully applied for this? I'm also interesting in knowing, how long did it take to configure Salesforce, who completed the configuration for you and were there any limitations with using Salesforce compared to other systems?

Kind regards and thanks,



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Hi Roseanne,The Wheel

Hi Roseanne,

The Wheel successfully applied for The Nonprofit Starter Pack of Salesforce in 2012. The development and implementation (configuration) was done by Enclude, a registered charity providing IT and Business consultancy to the non-profit sector.

Salesforce Foundation

Salesforce Foundation donates 10 full licences free of charge to registered charities and offers additional licences at 80% discount.

Salesfocrce CRM

This is used by over 1500 charities worldwide including the Red Cross and the UN Food Programme while in Ireland, the number of users continue to grow.

It is web-based, accesible 24/7, user-friendly, available offline and has robust set of customer-controlled settings for extra layer of privacy and security protection.

Application for The Nonprofit Starter Pack of Salesforce

The Nonprofit Starter Pack of Salesforce is ideal for charities but available to only registered charities.

Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial, (one of 2 trial configurations) which can be extended by simply sending Salesforce Foundation a request here.

Follow the instructions in the registration notification received. The process of configuration is expected after the first log in.

Please Note: It is critical that the documents (CHY No and Tax clearance certificate) requested by Salesforce Foundation to complete the sign up are sent to it within 30 days of starting this procedure – otherwise the account will be locked.

Design and Configuration

Enclude has a track record of delivering CRM design and implementation for non-profits.

Due to the level of detail required and the scale of modules to put in for data capture and processing, implementation /deployment of the CRM could take about  2 months.


Salesforce Foundation offers charity clients the same support as the Enterprise version customers.The key elements of this are:

  • on-going hosting
  • backups
  • upgrades
  • technical product support via phone and email.

Enclude also does trainings and support.

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Hi Femi, Many thanks for

Hi Femi,

Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The above information was very helpful.

We were successful in our application 10 full licences with Salesforce Foundation. I will contact Enclude now regarding design and configuration.

Kind regards,


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Hi Roseanne,Excellent

Hi Roseanne,

Excellent feedback.

Congrats and all the best!

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Hi Roseanne, We

Hi Roseanne,

We ( have used SF successfully for a number of years and we did a DIY implementation. So we have some reasonable knowledge in-house. To answer your questions specifically:

How long to configure - it depends on how much your work maps to the processes provided out of the box in the non-profit starter pack, but we haven't had to do much except tweaks now and again. You could be up and running in an afternoon, or if you have a lot of adapting to do, it can take a while and you might need expertise. The help system, developer resources and the non profit community are all good sources of help. I particularly find the Non Profit Salesforce Practitioners Google group very good!forum/npsf

who completed the configuration for you

I did the work myself. I have some technical knowledge, which helps, but SF configuration is not beyond someone with "power user" type skills. At the same time, if you have complex or specific requirements which are not supported out of the box (unlikely) then investing in some help could be wise.

were there any limitations with using Salesforce compared to other systems?

Only that free licenses are limited to 10, which has constrained the use of the system to particular teams and processes. 

You're welcome to contact me if I can be of any further help 



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Hi Richard,   Many thanks for

Hi Richard,


Many thanks for taking the time to get back to me with such a detailed reply, I really appreciate it.


I have joined the Google forum froup and I check out all the other sources which you mentioned too. 


I am glad to hear that you have successfully used Salesforce for a number of years, it's good to know and I wish you all the best with it in the future.


Kind regards,