Can any recommend an E-Learning software?


Can any recommend an E-Learning software please? I am really interested in E-Learning software that links with Salesforce. I want to create online induction training for volunteers. I have had a look at Mindflash but the non profit version is too expensive for us.  




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Cornerstone for Salesforce is

Cornerstone for Salesforce is the only natively built Learning Management System (LMS) on the platform, Cornerstone for Salesforce revolutionizes the way organizations deliver learning to drive actionable insights. Read more here. (PDF)

It is discounted for non-profits.

Other LMS software include:

  • Try easygenerator for free -
  • what fix - 7-day free trial is available 
  • LearnUpon -
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Hi Femi,   Thanks so much for

Hi Femi,


Thanks so much for your quick reply. I hadn't heard of any of thoose. I look forward to researching all of those now.

Many thanks,


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NOt sure at all if it's what

NOt sure at all if it's what you're looking for but there is an Open Source (free) equivalent to Blackboard called Moodle. FInd out more at



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Thanks Allin.

Thanks Allin.