we live on a small island which has a friendly society co-op which is funded by Údarás na Gaeltachta with an annual operation grant. There are regular seasonal jobs in the summer in facilities operated by this co-op. They never advertise these jobs but the manager gives them to his teenage children. Is this acceptable?





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Hi Dorothee,Thanks for your

Hi Dorothee,

Thanks for your question.

It was for situations such as the one you outline that the new Governance Code for Community and Voluntary Organisations has been developed. It has specifically been developed to help organisations update and clarify their policies on a wide range of topics relating to the ways that they run their organisations. And this can obviously also include the important area of human resources.

So, keeping that in mind, you may wish to contact the manager and / or Chair of the Board for the organisation, to inquire about what their policy is when it comes to the issue of short-term recruitment / internships. You can ask them whether they have any policy in place for dealing with these issues and, if not, you may like to mention that you, for one, would appreciate it if they could in fact introduce / formulate such a policy. 

You could then also direct them towards the Governance Code website, which is of course an entirely free service, for these precise purposes:

As an organisation in receipt of public funding, they should also aspire to the good practice approaches laid out in the Statement of Guiding Principle for Fundraising, which you can find here:

We'd recommend the above course of action as the most constructive way to advance for the time being. It's quite likely that you'll get a positive response. If none is forthcoming within a reasonable block of time, you may wish to contact the funder directly to ask for further advice (but note: that is only advisable when all other avenues have been exhausted).

I hope that helps!

Paul Meade
Information Officer, The Wheel

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Thanks a lot for this

Thanks a lot for this Paul