Organisation is running, but not up...

I, and a number of friends, have started an organization. Basically our aim is to provide a low cost means for people working with individuals with disabilities to make and adapt physical activity equipment. We have already implemented our idea in a number of centres and it has proved successful.

However we are all from the adapted physical activity field and our business knowledge is very weak.. we have read and read but remain confused about what we are? So, if I am may tell you our aim and beliefs and future plans for our org, it would be wonderful if someone could provide some advice on what we should register as....
Thanks you so much.

Our aim is not to make a profit. Our aim is to spread the knowledge of how to make and adapt equipment to as many individuals with disabilties as possible. We will have to have expenses covered and a low stipend for workshop providers but everything extra made will be put back into providing more oppurtunities for more people with disabilities. For example, when giving a workshop to an centre in dublin, we charged a fee (because we felt they could afford it) but now we are putting forward a proposal to do some work in the Carribean to help some schools make and adapt equipment for the many children there with disabilities. We hope to have money ourselves to put into this project and avail of funding also.

But what should we register as? A charity? a non for profit? A business?
If anyone could shed some light on this for us it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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Hi Sean,Thanks for your

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your questions and for informing us about your very positive initiative!

The first thing I would urge you to do is to visit the Forming Your Charity section of our website, to get an overview of the best direction forward and then delve into the section on Choosing the Right Structure for your burgeoning organisation.

This is the starting point to help answer your various questions. If you have any follow up questions / are seeking more detail, I would then encourage you to contact The Wheel directly, so that we can discuss the situation in more depth. You can email or phone us on (01) 454 8727.

Paul Meade

Information Officer, The Wheel

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much Paul,

Your website is a wonderful resource and a great help to us at this time.

We are still currently trying to finalise the direction we will be taking but I will definitely contact The Wheel directly at a later stage to take you up on your kind offer of further advice.

I will be in touch shortly.

Thanks again.

Kindest regards,


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I'm glad to of being some

I'm glad to of being some help Sean.

Kind regards,


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Hi Sean, Sounds like a

Hi Sean,

Sounds like a fantastic venture for a good cause. I think its is crucial at the outset to get your foundations rock solid , so as you have correctly identified , who are you from a legal stand point - what is your legal make up. I think you should be set up as a charity , any " profits" you make will be used to further the main objective of your organisation.Being correctly set up will ensure you are protected from a legal point of view . In addition it will be very assuring to any state authorities you are dealing with here or in the Carribean  that you are a recognised charity properly constituted. In fact i have come across cases where potential corporate donors /people are precluded from giving donations to organisations that do not have charitable status . There are obvious tax advantages in setting up as a charity. Also networking with other charities who operate in a similar area  your standing will be greatly enhanced by having a charity number , boared of trustess etc  and not jsut the fact that you are a " do good " organisation. Charities are not business / commercial enterprises but should be run like them. Ensure your board of trustees is made up of  volunteers not conscripts from a diverse back ground in terms of the skills sets and talents they can bring to the  table.
Please feel free to contact em if i can assist you further. I know a charity that operate out in the Carribean who you may be able to partner with. My contact details can be found at

Cormac O Ceallaigh