Hello. My name is Orlaith Lawless and I am studying for my Masters in Business in Athlone insituite of technology . As part of my course we study innovation and creativity,and for this subject we have to let on that we are setting up a charity and write a report for it.This is what our Charity organisation is and i was wondering  what percentage of funding would we get from the goverment for this charitable organisation and what other types of funding would this charity be able to avail of.The Heart Counseling Centre is a registered charity located in the centre of Athlone.  We provide free, professional and confidential counseling for addicts in the Athlone and surrounding areas. With particular focus on heroin abuse.The centre was set up by six masters of business students from the local college. We provide free, professional and confidential counseling for addicts in the Athlone and surrounding areas.  We will mainly be focusing on heroin abuse.  We chose to open up a free counseling service for heroin abuse because it is a massive problem in the Athlone area.
Thanks for your help
Orlaith Lawless


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Hi Orlaith,Thanks for your

Hi Orlaith,

Thanks for your question.

First of all, if you were to set up a charity of the type you have created for your report, you could typically expect to 'cobble' together perhaps 7--80% of your funding from government and statutory sources. The rest of your income might be made up earned income (e.g. producing and selling relevant publications of interest to those working in the same field) and, primarily, of fundraising efforts. You can read a lot more about how charities should set about producing a coherent and detailed fundraising strategy here on our website

In terms of specific source, due to the rather ambitious size of your (theoretica) organisation,  it is unlikely that you will be able to cover your funding needs through just one grant. Some of the funding that would be possibly available to services such as the one featured in your report would come from the HSE (who fund some organisations to deliver appropriate treatments) or from your local Drugs Task Force (in the form of grant - e.g. a Family Counselling Grant). You may also be able to apply for other non-statutory grants, such as those run by the Community Foundation for Ireland (they have, for example, one grant that tackles addicition in women and another that covers the issue of 'families at risk' - as with any funding strategy, you would have to read up on what is out there and make sure that you are not limiting yourself to just the strictest interpretation of what you can apply for. 

For more detailed and specialist information, I would recommend you contact your local Drugs Task Force for advice - you can find this info (and lots of other helpful contacts) on this website. Or possibly consult with the Merchants Quay Ireland service in Dublin, as they would certainly be among the most knowledgeable about this precise subject.

Best of luck!