I am based in Midleton in Cork and am interested in finding out about any community, leadership or voluntary group management training courses in the Cork area. Anyone know more....?


Nick Becker


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Hi Nick,You might want to

Hi Nick,

You might want to take a look at the following to start with (just click on the name to read more):

Diploma in Social Integration & Enterprise for Community Development Workers

Certificate in Community Development & Leadership - these trainers are based in Maynooth, but appear to offer training in various locations, so perhaps you should try calling them for more info...

Leadership Skills - again, I recommend you may want to talk to this Dublin-based operation to see if they can cater for Cork organisations. A quick look at their organisation website suggests that they may be flexible.

It's worth keeping an eye on The Wheel's training calendar in the coming weeks and months too. We'll be adding more events on there soon - several of which may be of interest to you. You can see from looking at our old 2010 calendar that we ran many different one-day training events (often in Dublin, but also in Limerick and Waterford etc), that may well have been of interest to you.

Please also visit our Training section to do keyword searches for additional courses. Keep in mind however that, unfortunately, a lot of the most relevant courses are run in Dublin - so, it may be worth the hassle of travelling to Dublin for suitable training  (although you may still be able to receive relevant training locally, but it may just not be as specific as you had hoped for). 

Note: some relevant training courses may be available on request - and thus, the trainer may well be willing to travel from outside of Cork to deliver the training).



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Hi Nick, The Carmichael

Hi Nick,

The Carmichael Centre Training & Support Service also provides customised training to groups in Cork on request. Check out our training programme on 


Derek O'Reilly