Has there been a general downturn in the amount of charities and non profits organisations registered in Ireland since the financial down turn.  Or has the amount registered increased.

I am starting off a new venture in social entrepreneuring and would really like to know some figures for our business plan.  We will be providing services to cut major cost in promoting all the non profit sector and more importantly offering a chance to make money from nothing. 

So we would be really interested in figures, such as the downturn/upturn of registered organisations.  Or has there been any changes in the way that they are getting funds. 

Any information would be of great help.

Thank you in advance

Steve Hall


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Hi I doubt whether there has


I doubt whether there has been a significant decline numerically, although that in no way suggests charities and other not-for-profits are not struggling! Some potentially useful contacts for you in addition to The Wheel: