Has anyone suggestions/guidelines on setting rent charges for newly extended community centre? Eg sports groups, active retirement, mother & toddler, youth group, yoga, fitness etc etc private eg drama, art, fitness instructor etc


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Thanks for your question.It's

Thanks for your question.

It's not easy to pinpoint precise info on this. However, I'd suggest you give the following groups/organisations a call to ask them for possible insight on this issue...

DHR Communications provide all the support services the the national forum of FRC's (which is at least somewhat similar to being a network of community centres).

The Carmichael Centre provide a wide range of services to community and voluntary groups. One of those services however is renting office space and meeting rooms out to various groups within their building. So they may also be able to help:

Best of luck!


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p.s. Just to add, I would

p.s. Just to add, I would also suggest that you contact Jennifer at Clann Credo (the social finance provider). Clann Credo applicants have to provide detailed financial information when applying for social finance - and this often includes rental rates being paid / levied by the organisation in question. And, while this information is always strictly confidential, Jennifer may nevertheless be able a general overview of this particular area in a way that is helpful to your situation.

You can contact Jennifer on (01) 400 2100.