Has anyone any experience of They administer Adobe Software Donation Programme. Sounds great until the last page of the application, where they ask for credit card details so they can process the payment of the $300 application fee!

So, I’m curious to know if anyone has any experience of this organisation?




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I've heard of a couple of

I've heard of a couple of groups in Ireland who got Adobe products at a discounted rate  - I think it was through this programme.  We looked at it a while back but did not proceed with an application as they seem to be very much looking for people who provide direct services rather than umbrella/intermediary type organisations.

I don't recall the admin fee though so maybe that's new. Anyway, we've been working away just grand with open source equivalents.

I know if you were to get stuff from the likes of Microsoft through the EncludeIT donations scheme you'd have to pay an admin fee - it's circa 4%, I think, of the value of the products which isn't too bad at all.

I guess whilst I've heard of, really I don't know them from Adam.

As far as I know there's nobody administering an Adobe donations programme per se here yet. Hopefully that'll get rectified soon!