Good afternoon,

Venezuelan Community in Ireland (VCI) is looking for external audit services. It is our first year and we are aiming to obtain the CHY registration by the end of May if possible. 

We are an organisation that had collected less than €10,000, according to the SORP regulation it is not a requirement to have audited reports under that threshold of income. Considering that VCI promotes responsibility values and transparency, is there any auditors that can be recommended to us to elaborate the necessary documentation? 

The form provided for the obtention of CHY requires these reports in a mandatory manner.  Is there any guidance in these regards?

We look forward to your response.

Kindest regards,

Angelica Fernandez


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Hi Angelica,An organisation

Hi Angelica,

An organisation with income of less than €10k they should not have to have an audit, so the fact you are looking for auditors and getting quotes seems unnecessary.

Perhaps you got some advice to the contrary from elsewhere?

Our advice would be to contact whoever it is you are trying to register with (i.e. Revenue for CHY and Charities Regulator for charity registration) and get a definitive answer from them, as we think you are not obliged to have an audit.

Kind regards,

Paul Meade
The Wheel