GIY Ireland are looking for a place to meet once a month in the Limerick city area. GIY is a registered charity (CHY 18920) which aims to inspire people to grow their own food and give them the skills they need to do so successfully. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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You could try the libraries

You could try the libraries in Limerick.  I know some of the libraries in Dublin have study/misc purpose rooms that people can arrange use for this type of event.  Hopefully the Limerick libraries will have similar.

I'd contact Limerick City Council libraries section and ask them.

Otherwise, you'll probably find accomodating pubs who'll not mind a bunch of folk hanging out in a back room, but you'd have to ask the individual pub owners to find them!  Again, I know of many instances where formal and informal club meetings have been regularly held in pubs at no cost.  Pub owners are often only delighted to get the custom.

My last suggestion might be to try Limerick Community Forum and see if they can suggest anywhere.

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Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your suggestions.  I have posted the comments on our GIY social network page. Sean