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I'm about to begin fundraising to finance an NGO exchange in conjunction with an NGO here.  I was considering using a page on the site for at least one of my events as it seems very straight forward.

any advice or alternatives that could be recomended?




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Hi Thomas,Hopefully others

Hi Thomas,

Hopefully others will chime in here with their own experiences of using I personally have not used it for fundraising purposes - I am however pretty familiar with it and I know there is a lot of buzz and very positive feedback about it.

From a quick visit to the site, you can see that there is a good mixture of big name and smaller charities that are using the website to spread the word on their various campaigns. I would say that sort of speaks for itself. Also, I see from a quick Google search that won the Social Contribution Award at New Visionary Awards a couple of years back.

I am not familiar with any equivalent website specifically set up to assist Irish charities. But, if you are eager to get further feedback, perhaps you should join the Facebook page and ask other people there about their experiences using the site. You can do so here:



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Remember that not every

Remember that not every charity is on - they may need to register on the site first before you can fundraise for them.

An alternative method might be to use PayPal - simple to set up - and then plant a donate button on, say, your Facebook page or somesuch and use that as your fundraising page.

That's just a thought.  I believe that it is all about the packaging.  The visitor (& potential donor) needs to feel like he's giving to an actual cause, not just lining your pocket.  Using takes care of a load of that marketing for you.


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thanks Paul, some good

thanks Paul, some good ideas


Anthony, I totally agree with your last comment.

That's what's making me opt for  or some other such website that takes care of that presentation element.

A little more research to do.

thanks guys