Donor management software - does anyone know if this kind of software is available for FREE anywhere?


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Donor management software is

Donor management software is effectively client relationship management (CRM) software by another name.  Whilst the likes of Raiser's Edge is tailored with a fundraising bent and other systems, e.g. Salesforce, Goldmine are coming from a sales standpoint, they all effectively do the same thing: give you a single, holistic view of the customer/donor and allow you to record your organisation's interactions with that person and manage the communications that make up that relationship.

There are free CRM tools out there.  If you've got a CHY number Salesforce will give you 10 licences for free.  Or you can go open source and try SugarCRM, a widely used and impressive looking tool.  Still in the open source camp, there's always CiviCRM - written by non-profits for non-profits.  It has the CiviContribute module which is specifically for tracking donations and donors.

With these projects a big chunk of the resources needed to get them going is in the setup and getting it going.  There are consultants out there who will help, but they are not free.  Enclude implement Salesforce and 54 Degrees implement CiviCRM.  I don't know who does Sugar.

You can read more about CRM here.

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Thanks Anthony - and the

Thanks Anthony - and the embedded links are very handy! I'll look into Sugar and Civic today!