Do you know of Irish NGOs who have long been in the habit of putting minutes of their Board meetings routinely on their websites? Have any issues arisen?Thanks, Patrick


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We are unaware of groups who

We are unaware of groups who put their minutes on the website for all to see. However, issues that could arise would be to do with risk and reputation. There are things that get discussed at Board meetings that are in context and putting them on the website might cause people to say less, thus restricting good governance, or the minutes might be written in a very bland and anodyne way, which might not be very helpful for any Board member who missed the meeting.

Obviously transparency is much enhanced for members and the public.



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I sit on the Board of a

I sit on the Board of a primary school.  We do not publish the Board minutes on our website, but the Secretary prepares a brief report after each meeting which gets signed off by the Chairperson and Principal and which is then put on to the website and notice boards in school as soon as possible afterwards.  This consists of a summary of discussions had and decisions made at the meeting, but obviously excludes confidential matters.  See (the website is currently undergoing redevelopment).

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The general rule is that the

The general rule is that the only people who are entitled to see minutes are those who are entitled to attend the meeting. Dept of Education guidelines indicate: "Members of boards are required to keep matters discussed at meetings confidential unless otherwise advised by the board. At the closure of each meeting the board determines which decisions should be conveyed to parents and teachers and the manner in which they should be conveyed". ASTI guidelines for Secondary School Boards indicates "The business of the Board should be conducted in private and no disclosure of the business should be made without the authority of the Board."  We are running a course on "Effective Meetings & Minutes" in the Carmichael Centre on Oct 5th. Full details on: