Do community sector jobs need to be Advertised or can you hire from your pool of temporary staff? 


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Hi, There is no obligation


There is no obligation for any employer in the country to advertise a position before hiring. This includes charities / community / voluntary sector employees. (Note that this applies to the Republic of Ireland, as there are certain restrictions about advertising roles that apply to all employers in Northern Ireland). 

Good practice would suggest that, all things being equal,  widening the pool of possible candidates would be in the best interests of the prospective employer and that advertising is one of the best ways of doing this. That said, if there is a temp already with you, and they have the right skills for the role and you know that they are good in the organisation, that sounds like a great way to proceed and I have done so on several ocassions myself.

The main thing to worry about there is to ensure that you do not inadvertently become too "casual" about the recruitment procedure. Make sure to develop a written job specification and person description for the skills and experience needed. Make sure that you do not write it specifically for the temp you have in mind, but rather for the purpose that is needed. ENsure that you conduct a formal interview and keep the appropriate records in writing. And, even though you know how this person works and you know them, do not forget to take references from a previous employer. 

Having said all that - it can also be that some funders insist that a group has to follow certain procedures about recruitment, for example. So to come to a definitive answer on this one, ensure that you are not required to advertise (for example) as a term and condition of a particular grant scheme. But you can rest assured that it is not a legal requirement. 

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