Dear Sir or Madam,

I am thinking about starting up a new organisation about environment and training, but I have a lot of questions.

How can register it? I have read that you don't need to register, but, how can it be legal and official without being registered?

How many people do I need for the begining?

Thank you very much!!



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Hello Isabel Setting up a new

Hello Isabel

Setting up a new organisation is very hard work; sustaining it over the long-run is even harder.  Before you do so, can I urge you to do lots of research to see if the need you are trying to address is already being met elsewhere?  Or, if not, if you are able to 'piggy-back' your ideas on to an existing organisation that is willing to work with you?  Perhaps you could contact an umbrella body like the Irish Environmental Network in the first instance (  If you do decide to go ahead, there is lots of information available, for example from Carmichael Centre ( and of course from The Wheel (

Best wishes

Sandra Velthuis

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Hi Isabel,We'd recommend you

Hi Isabel,

We'd recommend you start off with learning the ropes first of course. You can get up to speed on the factors you need to be aware of and to consider here on our website:

Once you have and drilled down on your learning, we'd be happy to answer any more specific questions you may have for us at that stage!

Paul Meade
Information & Training Officer, The Wheel

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Hello, thank you very much


thank you very much for your answers and information. 

I know that starting up a new organisation is very hard, I did it in my own country (Spain), and I worked in an organisation from the very beginning. The problem is that here is a little different all the burocracy.

I thought my questions were clear, but maybe I didn't express myself correctly. I have read a lot about charities, but my idea is beginning as an association, and if I have a good first year, with funding and projects, ask for being a charity.

My question is:

Where in Dublin can I register my organisation if it is only an association and not a charity? maybe in the Company Registation Officer?

How many people I need officially for starting up an organisation? 3 people (chairman, secretary and treasury?)

Thank you very much!!


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Hi Isabel,The CRO is for

Hi Isabel,

The CRO is for officially registering a company, which is not necessary when starting up a charity.  What is recommended is registering the charity with the Charities section of the revenue commissioners and getting a charity (CHY) number. 067 63400 based in Nenagh Co. Tipperary - standard constituion for a charity attached here.

Regarding the 3 roles, they are the 3 recommended official positions when starting up a charitable organisation - there may be other roles that are relevant to that particular charity that will evolve as the organisation develops e.g. vice-chairperson; sub-committees, etc.



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Thank you very much

Thank you very much Paul.

Best wishes.