dear all. I am an Irish citizen and trying to set up a charity whose main purpose is the organisation of a marathon in a country outside of Ireland. The event would be run annually and it would be for non profit with proceeds going to various foundations or local organisations in that country. is it possible to register this type of org as a charity in Ireland and if not. anyone have any ideas. Thanks enda


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Hi Enda,If the organisation

Hi Enda,

If the organisation operates in the Republic of Ireland, has a charitable purpose (as defined by the Charities Act) and provides public benefit then it would likely be considered a charity by the Regulator.

Charitable organisations that operate out of Ireland but work elsewhere in the world, do register as a charity here.

We recommend that you get in touch with the Regulator and ask them to confirm your status.

In addition to this, you should make yourself with the rudimentaries of our Forming a Charity factsheet here.

Best of luck!