Can you advise on low cost PR or marketing advice?

We are a charity, involved in organising information and training for families and staff members.  We're looking for advice on affordable PR and marketing so we can promote a new resource that we're launching in early December.  We have attended social media training, set up Facebook a/c, Twitter, arranged to have our website updated and we've organised our mailing lists.  We've also made a plan of sorts for the launch, are going to do a video for YouTube etc, however we now want to make sure we maximise the impact of the promotion at the time of the launch, and we've probably now done as much as we know how to do.  Is there a person/company that you know of that would be able to give some specific advice for our project and launch?


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Hi,Your first step should be


Your first step should be to develop a detailed marketing/communications plan. This involves identifying your objectives, your key audiences, messaging, channels and tactics.  

The Wheel offers PR and Marketing consultancies and training. The fee for a bespoke half-day consultancy is €450 for members or €650 for non-members. See

We also regularly host PR workshops, but unfortunately you have missed the last one for 2013 (keep an eye  on for news of forthcoming workshops). 

You can reach me on Tel: 01- 454 8727 or email

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Gert Ackermann
Communications Officer, The Wheel