Anybody have a good technical understanding of what to watch out for when going through the process of Collecting Consent from subscribers to your mailing lists in MailChimp in advance of GDPR???


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Thanks for your question. We

Thanks for your question. 

We obviously cannot speak for Mailchimp (and perhaps it is worth getting in touch with them directly), but we note the following tools / resources that they have made available on the topic, and which may help answer your specific question:

About the General Data Protection Regulation

New MailChimp Tools to Help with the GDPR

Collect Consent with GDPR Forms

I hope that helps somewhat!

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Thanks so much Paul - you are

Thanks so much Paul - you are so kind. I have actually read them already but was looking for anybody who might have gone through the Collect Consent With GDPR Forms MailChimp process (which I have started) and have any advice on what to avoid, as it is a bit technical!

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Righto, I see what you

Righto, I see what you mean. 

We're actually exiting Mailchimp at present (going to Campaign Monitor, part of our new Salesforce database). 

I'd suggest you keep googling it (there must be some forums on the topic somewhere!)

Another link I see is this too:

Good luck!

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Ah Paul you are so kind - I

Ah Paul you are so kind - I will check that link!

I think I will have to accept that I will have to stretch my brain to its biggest and just sit down and give it a go!

Thanks again,